I found a 'treat' in the middle of my frozen "chicken" patty during lunch. I had eaten nearly half of it...the next *** left me literally spitting out chicken feathers...oh yes..a nice hefty tuft right smack in the center.

I don't like surprises in my food unless its a plastic "gem" in my cereal box. I managed to bag all of the evidence and plan to contact health officials with my not so yummy treat.

Absolutely disgusting...if I wanted to eat feathers..I would munch on a raw unplucked chicken. Well...that sums it up I guess..say Hello to the health inspector for me.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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Same thing just happened to me. Banquet chicken fried chicken. No wonder they are so cheap.


Which health inspector are you going to contact? It wouldn't do any good to contact the one where you live, because the manufacturer isn't there.

If you are completely honest you will have to admit that errors to happen and if a cluster of feathers got into the chicken patty how was it supposed to have been seen?

Send your feathers to the Banquet company.

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