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Paid almost $9 dollars for box of banquet chicken was shocked to open and see 4 pieces of chicken what happened I used to buy a box and feed family of 4 with 2 pieces of chicken each and had some left and was a lot cheaper I will not waste my money again WOW

User's recommendation: DONT BUY go to kfc instead better for the price and amount of chicken.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Banquet Meals Pros: Good taste, Taste good, Taste.

Banquet Meals Cons: Bad products.

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How about cooking a real meal for your family? Also your terrible writing skills are at a 3rd grade level. Stay in school kids and don't type like Shelly.


how is what a person does or doesn't do for their family any business of yours. You don't know their life or family dynamics so how about you keep your ignorant comments to yourself.

A meal is a meal and who are you to say what a real meal is and what isn't.

People like you are who need to be banned from ever being around nice and genuine people. Selfish prks wanting to judge someone by what they provide for their family.

@Allex Tpz

oh now it post and to the wrong one. Banquet, disappointing and so is your contact system.

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